Autotek Motor Garage offers top quality servicing at trade prices. We service all makes and models of cars and light vans. As well as following manufacturer’s schedules, we can use either original parts or branded after-market (OEM) products if preferred for all makes and models.

Why not take advantage of our Free Collection and Delivery when your car is due for its Annual Service or MOT? We’ll do whatever it takes to remove the headache owning a vehicle can bring.

MOT Servicing Checklist:

Brakes – If your car is covering an average of 12000 miles a year or more, new brakes should be fitted at every service as standard. For your safety and our peace of mind, we only use the leading manufacturers on our friction materials, be it original manufacturer replacements or industry standard brands Brembo or Bosch.

Tyres – Autotek have the most technically advanced tyre fitting and balancing equipment available. Balancing helps to adjust the vehicles geometry & having the correct geometry increases the stability of your car and balancing decreases tyre wear.

Having the correct set up and tyre pressure also increases fuel efficiency by up to 20%. Considering the average fuel consumption is around £1900.00 per year, the saving will more than pay for your MOT Servicing costs. We supply all the best tyre brands and they will keep you stuck to the road in all weather conditions.

Clutches – Our clutch systems are dual mass flywheels or hydraulic clutch cylinders, and the brands range from LUK to Stage 3 Racing.

Batteries – We supply and fit all leading battery brands including Bosch, AC Delco, Optima, Quantum, Exide and many others to suit all budgets. A car will typically only need to have its battery changed once in its lifetime as long as it is maintained properly.

Timing Belts – It is essential that manufacturer replacement schedules on timing belt replacement are followed. Failing to do so can cause serious harm to your vehicle and incur major costs further down the line.

Exhausts – Autotek supply every type of exhaust systems. Some exhaust issues can be repaired and we will opt for this whenever possible. A car will typically only need to have its exhaust system changed once in its lifetime.

Welding – We undertake MOT failures and do preparation welding.