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When The Big Cat Roars

For Jaguar car enthusiasts, the pairing of the letters ‘X’ and ‘K’ has long heralded excitement. Although the mainstay of the British sporting marque’s business is rooted in saloons, it’s sports cars and coupés that have put Jags on people’s most-wanted lists for decades.

The XK8 followed the much maligned XJS and early models whilst being far better than their predecessor; they still carried with them an element of suspicion dating back to the days of British Leyland motor cars. However, time is a great healer and Jaguar had a lot of making up to do and it was the flagship XK marque which led Jaguar’s march toward rehabilitation.

Rudys Autotek - Jaguar XK8 100 Soft Top

So much so, that the XK has now become the byword of Great British motoring once again. Albeit the model has been discontinued in favour of the XF, there are many (including most of us at Autotek) who still drool at the XK and prefer its classic sleek feline figure. Early model XK’s can be bought for as little as £2000.00, but we’d advise you stay well clear unless you know your way around a car. However, if you have £3000+ to hand and a decent mechanic who knows his way around a Supercharger, then you could be closer to Supercharged motoring than you think!

Rudys Autotek - Jaguar XK8 100 Black

Just imagine. The kids have grown up, only to be replaced by the grand children. The People Carrier, is still parked on your driveway and may still be your main mode of transport, but you don’t have to follow a People Carrier way of life! If this resonates with you & you want a new lease of life, then give Autotek a call & we’ll provide you with independent expert opinions to help you to roll back the years.

An investment of £3000 – £6000 can bring new meaning to the term ‘Something for the weekend Sir?’

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Client: Autotek Cost Effective Luxury Motoring

Date: 23rd October 2017

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